Asian American

culture through play



“I absolutely love seeing my son in this nurturing light…it has come out for our dog and his stuffies but with a doll whose hair he can brush and who he carries like a baby, is very precious.”

- Alice, Mother to Austin

"We just received Jilly Bǐng and I couldn’t help but to get emotional!! I’ve always wanted a doll that resembled me and growing up the closest was a Hispanic doll. How special it is to gift my daughter a doll that looks just like her. I’m amazed at the quality as well. Thank you for creating Jilly Bing and wish you many success with this product!!!"

- Susan, Mom to Robin

"Growing up I worked hard to find people and resources to support (our daughter’s) Korean Heritage. I want to be sure that our granddaughter has a beautiful doll that reflects her own features and cultures.  I so appreciate you doing this - it was very challenging when Rosie, now 36, was young. I would love to think that our sweet Sydney Reese will not have to struggle to find affirmation and joy from her toys.”

- Carol, Mother to Rosie

Meet Jilly, the Asian

American girl doll


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