She looks like me!

"She looks like me!…Eyes that kiss in the corner! CP loves dolls but she was in such awe of seeing her Jilly doll and how they shared so many physical features. I love that the Jilly doll celebrates Asian American culture through play. It’s important that CP and Shiloh see their race represented in dolls they play with and to be empowered. I want them to be proud of who they are and their heritage."

- Heidi

I want our granddaughter to have a beautiful doll that reflects her features and cultures.

"Growing up in San Francisco as a first generation Chinese child in a mostly white neighborhood and private school, I was the weird kid who brought chive dumplings on field trips in a thermos instead of a brown bag sandwich lunch. I used to get teased for bringing the "Stinky food on field trips or to school. I always played with dolls with blond or brown hair who had big eyes instead of small eyes like me. Now that I have a daughter of my own whose 1.5, I want her to be able to be proud of her [mixed Chinese and Latino] heritages. I knew I had to purchase this doll for her.”

- Ju

Finally! I've wanted to buy an Asian doll for my daughter her whole life. 

"I’m so excited! I just placed an order for a Jilly Bǐng doll for my daughter, Ahnalin. She is turning 19 in a few weeks. I have wanted to buy a real Asian American doll for my daughter her whole life. We adopted her from China 18 years ago and there were very few available dolls that looked like her. I’m so happy you created this doll!" 

- Sivje

Close up of the Jilly Bing doll
The Jilly Bing doll sitting down
The Jilly doll with mix and match accessories

The Jilly Doll

We created the doll that we wished we had growing up, and the doll that we want our children, and their children to enjoy.

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I can't wait to introduce my four nieces to Jilly Bing.

"I am a Korean adoptee - all the dolls I had except one, were white with hair and eyes that didn’t match mine. When I saw your brand, doll and mission, my heart sung. My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second set of twin girls last week. It is so important to me that they have access to Korean culture, and more broadly, Asian culture. I have four beautiful nieces whose eyes “kiss in the corners” - like mine… I can’t wait to introduce them to Jilly Bǐng."

- Katherine

I bought it for my inner child... We love all the details.

"I immediately bought one for my four year old daughter. But really, I bought it for my inner child and for my oldest daughter, who is almost 12, to admire. My children noticed all the little details of Jilly. Her elbows, the mark on her forehead. All the details. The eyebrows, toes…we love it all. It’s the perfect size and she’s so loved in our home.” 

- Joanne

I never had the pleasure of owning an Asian looking doll. I bought 4 in case my children have daughters."

"Thank you for your creation of Jilly Bǐng! Being an older lady, I never had the pleasure of owning an Asian looking doll. My daughters who are now 26 and 33 never had an Asian doll either. I purchased 4 Jilly Bing dolls in case my daughters or my son have daughters."

- Emily