Our Mission

We believe representation matters, play empowers, and dolls inspire.

  • Founder of Jilly Bing with daughter

    Jilly Bǐng started with a search for a doll that looked like my daughter, Jillian. I was disappointed by what I saw: clichés, stereotypes, and dolls painted tan over an existing white doll mold. I was reminded of my own childhood – of not seeing myself reflected in the world around me, of feeling like I did not belong.

    ​So, I set out to create my own Asian American doll company named after Jillian and bǐng, the Mandarin word for cookie (and one of my daughter’s first words). With a talented team of designers, storytellers, and parents by my side, we researched and spent months designing dolls that resemble real Asian American children.

    We are thrilled to introduce The Jilly Doll – Jilly is feisty and fun. Like so many little girls we know, she has a huge sweet tooth and loves to tinker in the kitchen with her Grandma. We hope your family enjoys playing with The Jilly Doll as much as we do!