Our Vision

We are committed to deeply exploring Asian American cultures and celebrating our children’s diversity.

Our Company Vision

  • At Jilly Bǐng, we want to reflect the many faces of Asian American children. We also strive to be a trusted resource for adults as they teach children about Asian foods, holidays, and languages.​

    We promise to:

    • Inspire children and adults by providing a positive, fun, cultural representation that helps connect them to their heritage;
    • Celebrate the incredible diversity of Asian American cultures and their delicious foods;
    • Empower children to be creators and makers of their own stories.

    ​Here are some of the elements you’ll find in our debut product, The Jilly Doll:

Rich, Multicultural Representation

Each doll has a favorite food that is associated with a particular Asian ethnicity (Jilly loves egg tarts!). This aspect of each doll's backstory allows us to celebrate the depth and breadth of each heritage nestled under the broad "Asian" umbrella.

Innovative Design

Our designers delight in asking questions. Why do most dolls have a vacant, far-away expression? We don’t know either. We made sure The Jilly Doll has a smile that is full of joy and energy. Why have just a hat, when you can have a hat that flips into a cuddly friend? Good idea, we said. Our team thinks through every detail in designing the dolls we wish we had as children. 

Authentic Voices

We're an all Asian American team that draws inspiration from our kids, our communities, and our own experiences. Our team is multi-generational – from first to fourth generation – with other ethnicities proudly mixed among our Asian roots. We are designers with deep roots in the toy and gaming industries, experienced entrepreneurs, and storytellers with fresh perspectives.  


Inspired by our kids – the heart behind our mission – we pour our all into every element, from loveable, original characters to creative design to gorgeous, sustainable packaging.